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College of Physical Education, Yangzhou University

The College of Physical Education, Yangzhou University, bordering on Shugang-Slender West Lake Scenic Area , the national scenic spot of China, is situated in the western part of the famous historical and cultural city of Yangzhou.

The college was established in August, 1998 by merging the Department of Physical Education of Teacher’s College, and the public physical teaching and research sections of Agricultural College, Technological College, Medical College, Water Conversancy College and Commercial College of Yangzhou University. It comprises General Affairs Office, Department of Physical Education, Public Physical Division and Human Science of Exercise Research Institute. It is also the Training Center of Jiangsu Provincial Public Physical Teachers and one of the branches of Rehabilitation and Exercise Health-Keeping Commission of China Rehabilitation Medical Society.

Now the college has a high-attainment staff of 137 with its rationalized structure in knowledge, age and professional-status, among them, about 50 professors and associate professors, with 7 holding doctorate degrees and 10 master degrees. A large group of competent middle-aged and young teachers begin to show up as the backbone of the college. About 20 teachers are the receivers of the Government Special Allowance, Zeng Xianzi Teachers Award for Education, and the titles of National Outstanding Young Teachers of Physical Education, the Outstanding Leading Teachers of Institutions of Higher Learning of Jiangsu Province, and the Excellent Physical Teachers.   

The college offers two undergraduate programs of Physical Education and Social Sports and three graduate programs: Human Science of Exercise, Physical Education and Sports Training, Teacher Training Courses and Pedagogy. Currently, the college has formed a multi-level and multi-channel pattern of education for the training of high-level professionals by combining graduate, undergraduate education and adult education of various kinds.

In recent years, the faculty has published 27 books and over 400 papers (among them more than 100 in top journals). It has headed and participated in 26 research projects at the levels of state, province, state commission and university. It has received 2 prizes of the Excellent Textbooks awarded by the Education Department (originally called the State Education Commission), 3 second prizes of the Excellent Teaching Quality granted by the Provincial Education Department, 28 prizes of the Best Scientific Research Results at all levels ranging from state, through province to university and various academic associations. It has won the first prize for its teamwork performance in “1999 National Basic Skills Contest for University Students of Physical Education” (the first prize for Skills, and the first prize for Theoretical Knowledge).

To meet the needs of teaching and academic research, the college has set up friendly relations with institutions of higher learning of the United States, Japan, Thailand and other foreign countries. Many foreign experts have been invited here for lectures or academic exchanges and the college has also sent abroad its own martial arts and sports delegations and professionals for exchanges, advanced studies or international academic conferences, thus greatly improving the training of high-level talents and upgrading the level of teaching, academic research and practical training.

The college is equipped with excellent teaching and training facilities: 4 gymnasiums, 7 track and field arenas, 2 swimming pools and about 50 open basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. There are several labs of Human Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Biochemistry and Exercise Health Care, multi-media and computer rooms, and 300 sets of instruments and equipment. It has about 30,000 volumes of books concerning sports and games, and subscribed to some 100 Chinese and foreign journals.

In the development of its tenth-five-year-plan period, with “Health First” as its guideline, the college will accelerate the pace of education reform and strive to diversify the ideas of school management. With the aims of improving its teachers’ quality, developing a group of well-known programs throughout China, enhancing the development of master programs, and seeking to establish doctor degree programs, and training more high-quality college graduates and physical science experts, the college will make greater efforts to upgrade its level of school management, work efficiency, teaching and research quality for the contribution to building Yangzhou University into a university of certain prestige and fame both at home and abroad.

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