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Our college held The Second National Summit Forum for Sports, Exercise and Brain

  On 14th - 16th December 2018, The Second National Summit Forum for Sports, Exercise and Brain was held in our college, which sponsored by Sports &Exercise Psychology Professional Committee of Chinese Psychological Society, Sports Psychology Branch of Chinese Sport Science Society, Research Center of Jiangsu Province Exercise Intervention on Students’ Psychological Health, Institute of Sports, Exercise and Brain. Professor Yan Jun, the principal in college of physical education  delivered an opening speech.

The theme of the forum is “Neurosport: The Subjects Amalgamation of Neuroscience and Sport Psychology”. The forum consist of plenary lecture, specialist meeting and oral presentation. Researcher Zang Yufeng, Professor Adam Kawcynski and Professor Chen Guozimade plenary lecture. The specialist meeting was discussed by Dr. Li Lin, Dr. Hu Liang, Dr. Dariusz Mroczek, Dr. Wang Biye and Dr. Guo Wei. and exchanged in-depth studies on the value, methods and means of cross-research between sports and brain science, research trends, latest research trends and achievements. From time to time, applause came from the venue, and the participants benefited greatly. In the oral presentation, four Ph.D from Zhejiang normal University, Shenyang Sport University, University School of Physical Education In Wroclaw and Yangzhou University introduced their researches.

More than 50 teachers, students and scholars from over 20 universities, research institutes and hospitals attend this summit national forum. Including Zhejiang University, East China normal University, Hangzhou normal University, University School of Physical Education In Wroclaw, Yangzhou University. It is generally agreed that the plenary lecture and the specialist meeting not only represent the highest academic level of the conference, but also play an important guiding role in the follow-up research on the intersection of sports science and neuroscience in China.


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